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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and finding the perfect gift for the person who gave you life is always a struggle. We maintain that giving your mom’s skin new life is the perfect solution. Here are this season’s Mother’s Day bundles. Each comes beautifully pre-wrapped and each will guarantee you’re the favorite kid (maybe not forever, but definitely for a day).

  1. Mother’s Little Helper Gift Set – $50

This bundle contains five masks. Which, at this price, is an insane deal. This is the perfect introduction to Soon Skincare and features one of each of our cult favorites. Your mom can wear a few patches at a time while you feed her strawberries. And that’s how you make sure you’re never removed from the will.


  1. Mom’s “Me Time” Gift Set – $75

This spa-in-a-box is for the mom who deserves a toe-tingling, stress-melting, life-affirming experience. Featuring all our favorite masks plus a Tidy Tresses Headband and an Exfoliating Mitt, this gift set is nothing short of divine.


Both gift sets are guaranteed to delight your mom this Mother’s Day. And we’d like to remind you that moms come in all forms—maybe your dad took on the mom role. Or maybe you have two moms. Or maybe your grandma is your mom. Either way, this is the opportunity to give love and nourishment to the people in your life who have nourished and loved your spirit.

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    Jennifer Diffley