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Best-Of Korean Skincare Masking Set


Best-Of Korean Skincare Masking Set



Best-Of Korean Skincare Masking Set:

o    1 MODU Regenerative Biocellulose Sheet Mask

o    1 Set of Pomegranate Eye Patches with Collagen

o    1 Strawberry Lip Mask with Collagen

o    1 Holiday Travel Bag


  • The Modu Regenerative Mask is made out of biocellulose which can absorb up to 100x its dry weight and fits perfectly against skin, locking in serum and preventing evaporation. It works to increase cell turnover and minimize wrinkles with chaga extract. It also tighten and firms skin with betaine and peptides. Reduce enlarged pores, brighten, and soften fine lines with shiitake extract.

  • The Pomegranate Eye Patches with Collagen reduces puffiness, increases blood flow, and revives tired eyes. Formulated with pomegranate to hydrate and boost antioxidant protection, and caffeine to reduce puffiness, our biodegradable eye patches leave your under eyes awake and energized without the (eye) baggage.

  • The Strawberry Lip Mask with collagen was created to smooth and plump lips. Formulated with strawberry to protect from sun damage, and marine collagen to plump lip lines, our biodegradable lip masks leave your lips fuller and smoother. Time to kiss those dry, flaky lips goodbye.

  • The Holiday Travel Bag is the perfect size to carry all of your skincare essentials, in the prettiest possible way.