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Peony Foot Mask (Box of 5)


Peony Foot Mask (Box of 5)


  • The peony is one of the oldest flowers in the world, and its gorgeous pink fluffy petals have been used to decorate temples and houses of nobility for thousands of years. In Greece, it was said that a peony flower was used to heal a wound for the god Pluto. But you don't have to be a god to harness the healing properties of this beguilingly delicate flower. We've infused our peony foot mask with potent peony extract to penetrate even the most weathered, cracked feet to deeply nourish dry, tough skin.

    Instead of relying on harsh chemicals or exfoliators (that can actually make your dry skin worse!), our foot mask focuses on healing and soothing skin. Plus, ginger root protects and heals cracked skin while licorice root de-stresses and soothes worn out feet.
    Just sit back, slip your feet into these booties, and let the ingredients in our potent Korean formulation revitalize, nourish, and deeply moisturize your feet. You'll have skin so smooth, you'll start wearing sandals all year long!
    Contains no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. Cruelty free. Box contains 5 foot masks.
  • Key Ingredients: Peony Root Extract, Green Tea Extract, Apple Extract (see Ingredient Glossary)

    Peony Root Extract- An antioxidant that has shown results in brightening, moisturizing, and regenerating skin. Peony Root also has shown anti-inflammatory benefits that has been used for healing skin for centuries.

    Green Tea Extract- A gentle antioxidant that has shown improvement in the appearance of sun damaged skin. Its nutrient-rich polyphenols help fight free radicals and slows the signs of aging. 

    Apple- Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which can help to combat the effects of free radicals, helping skin to look healthier and younger. Apple has also shown brightening and hydrating effects on skin.

    Allantoin- Derived from plants, is a gentle moisturizer (ideal for sensitive skin) that also helps improve skin’s smoothness, and promotes healing. Especially beneficial for facial and acne scarring. Promotes cell longevity, which helps combat visible signs of aging.

    Hyaluronic Acid- (Sodium Hyaluronate) Naturally occurs in skin, aids in hydration and retaining moisture in the skin. It is known for being the most effective skincare ingredient for holding moisture. It also helps, smooth, soften, and plump skin.

    Coptis Japonica Root- This ingredient is a popular one in Korea because of its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antioxidant properties.

    Ginger- A powerful skincare ingredient that has proven anti-aging effects, along with improving skin elasticity, and evening out skin tone.

  • 28 Day Study of over 100 Participants 

    Our testing showed after 4 Peony Foot Mask uses there was a 88.22% reduction in dryness.

    93% of all participants would recommend the Peony Foot Mask to Family. and Friends

    93% of all participants would purchase this product.

  • Testimonials From Test Participants

    I rarely use foot masks, and before I used this product, I bought a lotion that was supposed to help with cracks in my foot, but it didn't work as well as this foot mask! I liked how the mask had just enough ingredients in it, and did not leave a residue on my feet after use. It also smells heavenly and organic! –Anne F., Vista, CA

    I loved it! It left my feet so soft and it smells great. It's like a spa day for your feet at home! –Candi B., Plainfield, IL

    I am so glad that I tried this product because it really works well and my feet have never looked better. –Jasmine E., Sparta, NJ

    Loved using this. Just did again last night. It really does make my aching dogs feel better after work and walking miles during work! –EveMarie R., Hackensack, NJ

    Love it, easy to use and effective. It made me feel as though I had a pedicure. –Jecemia E., Paterson, NJ

    I have tried many products on my feet and while they have initially looked as if they have given me the desired result, my feet feel dry and look ashy within 2-3 days. After using the Peony Foot Mask, not only did my feet feel extremely soft, but they stayed that way days after. This will be my go to product for my feet for now on! --Natalie N., Plainfield, IL

    It's a great product to help keep my feet soft especially during these cold winter months when my feet do not receive much pampering. –Pam H., Waukesha, WI

    I absolutely love using the masks and the feeling of my feet afterwards, however, my feet are extremely dry with very deep cracks. I was surprised at the amount of hydration this masks provides and my feet feel better after using this mask more than anything else I have tried. I really liked that it did not leave a greasy feeling and they were very easy to use. Also, the scent is too die for!! I really love it. –Connie W., Indianapolis, IN

    Love the foot mask. I don't need to pay extra when getting a pedicure for callus removal/scrub. I will definitely be purchasing these. –Jenean E., San Diego, CA

    The foot mask is easy to use and truly feels like a spa treatment. My feet felt incredibly smooth immediately after use and the following day. I live in a very dry climate; after using this product over the course of 28 days, my feet feel much smoother and hydrated. –Valerie S., Denver, CO

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