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Aloe-v You Very Much

Aloe-v You Very Much

Excuse the pun but what’s not to aloe-v about aloe? This succulent plants long and storied history of treating an array of ailments and maladies, aloe has stood the test of time and gone the distance. Aloe is a key ingredient in Soon’s skincare and here’s why we always have and always will love aloe and how aloe loves you back.


Historically aloe has been used and venerated as wonder plant by multiple cultures. In Mesopotamia as far back 2,200 BC aloe was considered a divine plant with the power to cleanse and heal the body, ridding it of demons. In ancient Egypt aloe was believed to be sacred, giving people beauty, health, and even immortality. Queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti used aloe as part of their skin routines as it was well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Due to its antibacterial and antifungal qualities, aloe was even used to embalm bodies.


Aloe is still used today in Ayurvedic, Chinese herbal, Eastern and Western medicine to treat numerous conditions. Filled with antioxidants and acting as a natural emollient, aloe prevents aging by hydrating and improving skin’s firmness. Aloe’s enzymes gently exfoliate. Aloe is rich in Vitamins A through E, amino acids, beta carotene, and minerals like magnesium and zinc. All that goodness in aloe helps: heal burns and wounds, reduce irritation and inflammation, treat skin conditions psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and eczema.


Aloe is excellent addition to any skin routine. It’s safe for damaged, sensitive, dry, and irritated skin. Aloe helps treat dryness and irregularities, restore balance, and nourish in any season. Incorporate aloe to your skin regimine by using the gel straight from the plant by slicing the leaves and cutting the gel away and applying the gel directly to skin.

If you aren’t inclined to do it yourself, products with pure aloe ingredients work excellent.  Soon’s made aloe a key ingredient in many of our products. We recommend you start with Soon Micro-hole Hydrogel Collagen Mask, Strawberry Lip Mask with Collagen, or our Hydrating Watermelon Lip Mask. We think you’ll enjoy aloe-v them.