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Big Hair and No Cares: How Your Skin Holds Up in Humidity

Big Hair and No Cares: How Your Skin Holds Up in Humidity
If you've ever traveled to Florida in June, you know humidity. And you know that it has a big effect on your hair (emphasis on "big"). It also makes even moderate heat seem insufferable. However, humidity in low doses can do your skin favors. After all, Soon Skincare is all about keeping your skin deeply moisturized to prevent wrinkles. But high humidity has its problems, too. And so does low humidity! Read on to learn how you can protect your skin in any level humidity. 
High humidity—In high humidity, your skin will be blessedly moisturized. But high humidity means you'll also be sweating a lot, and that sweat won't be as easily wicked from your skin. And that means...breakouts. Use a cleanser morning and night to deeply clean your skin and prevent breakouts. 
Low humidity—If you live in extremely dry places (like Utah), you know what low humidity does to your skin, especially during winter. It's important to wash in mild temperatures, to sleep with your humidifier on, and to protect your skin from the cold. This prevents the vital oils from being leeched from your skin. It's also important to make masking a priority in low humidity so that your skin can be replenished and stay healthy. You may need to increase the frequency of masking to once a day during the driest times of the year. 
No matter the humidity, it's important to keep exfoliating and moisturizing. Your skincare routine is vital year-round!