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Building a Skincare Routine

Building a Skincare Routine

The legendary and hallowed Skin Care Routine is often mentioned in beauty blogs and articles. You know about it but...where do you start? How many steps are necessary? Which products? How often? It feels so overwhelming.

Here’s a quick routine rule outline to get you started or reign in your elaborate steps.


First establish your skin type. Ideally you visit a dermatologist to determine this but there are online resources too. From there, choose products formulated for your type. Note that your skin type can change with age and environment. (Rude.) Re-evaluate if your skin is either aggravated or products don’t have their usual effectiveness.


These three steps are the foundation of a skincare routine morning and night. Your moisturizer for the day should include an SPF. Make sure each product you use for each step is compatible with your type. Even if you have oily and feel like skipping the moisturizer or dry and feel like skipping cleanser, your skin will often react or overcompensate when you omit a step. Keep consistent.



You have the above basics down and may consider adding onto your daily routine as needed. Such as treatment serum or an acne spot treatment. The general rule for products is thin to thick. For example, apply a serum after toner and before moisturizer. Apply a spot treatment after toning but before moisturizing.


Exfoliating- Add an exfoliating step after cleansing but before toning twice a week. Our Exfoliating Mitt and Exfoliating Washcloth make exfoliating easy, and Koreans have been using similar products for ages and for good reason! Exfoliating helps to increase cell turnover, not to mention gets rid of dry and dead skin that causes your complexion to look dull and lifeless.

Face masksEspecially our sheet masks that freshen up your complexion and feel like a reset for your skin. A nice way to give your skin a glow up. We recommend using a mask a least a couple of times a week. 

Monthly/As Needed

If you really want to treat yourself or would like a boost, incorporate a monthly facial, this is a great way to give your skin some much needed TLC, and your skin will definitely appreciate it.



1 / Cleanse / Cleanse (+ Exfoliate 2x week)

2 /  Tone / Tone

3 / Serum / Eye Cream

4 / Eye Cream / Treatment (Serum, Retinol, Acne or Spot treatment)

5 / Acne or Spot Treatment  / Hydrating Face Mask or Oil

6 / Moisturize (w/ SPF) / Moisturize
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