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Date Night Ideas On a Budget

Date Night Ideas On a Budget

The best things in life are free. But let's be honest: most outings are expensive. Still, dating is super important in any relationship (and yes, that means continuing to date your spouse even after you're married). 

So, to keep things steamy, here are some ideas that won't break the bank, but will build your relationship.

1. Throw a living room dance party

When was the last time you put on music and danced the way you did before you had student loans? Bet it's been a minute. If you have a partner who's self conscious about dancing in public, a living room dance party is the perfect solution. Here's a great banger to start with.

2. Have a decadent ice cream night

We're not talking a tub of rocky road. We're talking $20 worth of candy, sprinkles, and an unholy amount of whipped cream. Get weird. Get creative. Have a contest to see who can build the most extreme ice cream sundae.

3. Go to the park

Alright, this one's corny. But honestly, when was the last time you two held hands and walked around a park together? It's free. There are ducks. There are dogs. 

4. Have sex

It's free. And you probably don't do it enough. So surprise your significant other with a night of romance that will go a long way toward bringing you closer together. 

5. Have a movie marathon

There's a difference between staring dead-eyed at the television set and having a marathon with a pillow fort and fresh popcorn. Try surprising each other with movies or try to get through the entire Lord of the Rings movies in one night.

6. Go to the humane society

This is probably going to end up with you bringing home a new dog. But going to your local humane society will help them out: they need volunteers. Sign you and your partner up to help out. It will be fun, and it's free!

7. Create your own spa

This one is right up your alley. We've got everything you need to create the spa experience in your own bathroom. Light a few candles and put on some music. Start out with spa headbands, then clean your faces and put on some yummy face masks. Next, pop on our hand and foot masks and get ready to touch each other all over!

Now go on—have your best date night ever! 

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