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Spring has sprung! Even if the spring weather may not have started, at least the first day of it is here. Like a flower from a bud and butterfly from a chrysalis, it’s time to get back out into the world. Re-emerging to the outside world after holing up with Netflix series, comfort foods, and only walking building to building or car to building to avoid the cold, can be daunting. Here are ways for you and your skin to ease into or burst out into spring ready and recharged.

Get Out

Like a groundhog poking out of it’s hole or bears from a cave, it’s time to make it outside a little and add a in some movement. A full fledged boot camp workout may not be the answer but a stroll around the block or a park is in order. For your skin, add a higher SPF sunscreen into your face routine and also some on your body before venturing out. Your skin’s been hibernating under pants and coats for months so let it adjust to the sun rays with some protection.

Get Hydrated

Spring showers bring flowers and drinking more water brings all the health benefits. Warmer temps and more sun exposure mean a bit more sweating so you’ll want to up your water intake. For your skin, make sure to moisturize all over. Your skin’s been hibernating in dry indoor heat and layers of clothes so give it some hydration. Replenish post-shower with a little body oil and follow with a light moisturizer. Transition from the heavier creams you’ve been using during winter to applying that to your elbows, knees, and feet (what with the extra walking and you’ll be venturing into sandals soon.)

Freshen Up  

Spring cleaning—nothing feels like a fresh start like a clean living space. Giving your living and work space a deep clean, throwing out or storing whatever has been piling up, and organizing, and setting out a vase of fresh bloomed flowers makes you feel like a brand new human. For your skin, do the same all over cleaning for your body. Exfoliate the dead skin with a body scrub, exfoliating mitt, or dry brush. With your limbs out you may be shaving and waxing more as well so follow up sessions with extra moisturizing. Get a haircut to trim the dead dried ends and a deep condition as it won’t be hidden under a beanie for long. Give your face a glow up with a facial treatment. Heal dry cracked lips with a lip treatment.

We recommend our Micro-hole Hydrogel Hydrating Face Mask to start, followed by the Strawberry Collagen Lip Mask, and finish with a Hydrating Blueberry Hydrogel Eye Mask. You’ll be looking and feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for spring.  
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    Broek Johnson