Five Factors for Firmer Skin

Five Factors for Firmer Skin

These five factors for firmer skin are a SNAP(S).

Certain miracles we all wish were true for us. Money trees, fairy godmothers, and perfect firm skin from this one neat trick. Still, there is only so much damage a miracle can handle, the rest is up to us and our habits. (Annoying, right?) We have no intel on money trees, fairy godmothers, or effortlessly flawless skin beyond childhood, but there are habits that keep skin firm. These five factors for firmer skin are a SNAP(S).  


Protecting your skin against UV rays is key to keeping your skin firm long term.


Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 an essential nutrient that supports cell processes. This hero ingredient transforms skin reduces pores, softens lines, and brightens dull and uneven skin. (Find it in Soon’s Biocellulose Anti-aging Face Mask.)


Antioxidants are a powerhouse ingredient for your body and help fortify your skin against environmental damage. Foods and skin care products with antioxidants are a great defense against future cell damage. 


Purslane is the closest to a miracle ingredient you can get as it increases production of telomerase, an enzyme that protects DNA. Purslane stimulates cell repair, reduces inflammation, improves blood flow which aids scar repair and diminishes wrinkles. 

Salicylic Acid  

Salicylic Acid, glycolic acids, Vitamin A and C, AKA chemical exfoliants, help keep skin fresh by removing dead surface cells and promoting cell turnover. Regular use results in renewed and dewy skin.  

These five factors are the best bets to improve skin’s firmness. To make it easy on you, Soon’s Biocellulose Firming Face Mask has you covered. With purslane for regeneration, gingko for high vitamin A and C content for exfoliation, and white mulberry, fig, and pomegranate as excellent antioxidants, your skin will look firm, supple, and healthy.