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Fruit Face

Fruit Face

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Eat your colors. Forks over knives. We’ve all been encouraged to incorporate fruits as part of a balanced diet. The health benefits of consuming fruit are numerous and provide essential vitamins and nutrients for your body. Plus they are delicious. One benefit in particular is with your skin. Dermatologists and skincare enthusiasts alike are interested in the science behind fruit extracts in an effort to create and use natural skincare products. Your skin benefits not only from the inside out (disease prevention, hydrate cells) but also when used topically.

The following are fruit derived ingredients found in Soon Skincare products and some of their proven benefits:

Raspberry Ketones- Fight free radicals.
Pomegranate- Superfood for skin. Regenerates new skin cells. Contain polyphenols that increase blood flow and fight free radicals. Prevents and treat skin damage.
Blueberry- Phytonutriuent benefits, ferulic acid in blueberries are antioxidants and courmaric acid’s anti-inflammatory for capillaries.
Watermelon- Natural free-radical fighter with Vitamin A & C which can strengthen natural collagen and elastin.
Strawberry- Rich in AHA’s that gently exfoliate for smooth softer skin.
White Mulberry and Fig- Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant with preventative benefits.

Additionally lemon, grapefruit, orange, kiwi, apple, grapes, all provide gentle exfoliating, and skin brightening properties.

While fruit extracts are useful on their own, they are also beneficial in that they are gentle enough to be used in conjunction with other products in your skincare routine. For example, prescription retinoids are extremely effective but the irritation at the initial use can be painful. Products with fruit extracts can reduce inflammation and soothe the skin, making them an important component of a well balanced skincare routine.

One of the reasons Soon uses all of the above fruit extracts in their products is the natural benefits that protect and nourish your skin. Most skin aging is caused by environmental stressors like volatile organic compounds from car and train exhaust, UVA rays from sun, and pollen and pesticides in the air. Soon’s masks are packed with super performing fruit ingredients to protect from these everyday pollutants. They are ideal for all skin types including sensitive and formulated without sulfates, phthalates, and parabens. Delicious fruit makes for delicious skin.

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