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Get your S#*! Together!

Get your S#*! Together!
We've all got a skincare/makeup drawer that looks like it could be on an episode of Hoarders. And that's a problem because the entire point of skincare is self care, which can't happen if you're stressed about a mess. Thankfully, we have the solution: our skincare bags are specifically designed to fit all our Soon Skincare products. Keep your bathroom tidy, keep your sanity, and keep your skin glowing strong.
This is a large-sized beauty bag that was designed to fit our facial masks. You can pack all your skincare in here, from face masks to serums to lip masks and eye patches. And when you're going on a trip, you won't have to spare a second thinking about your skin: it's all bundled together, ready to go with you. This size is great for suitcases and duffel bags, and it has enough "give" to really expand for all your product.
Mabeob means "magic" in Korean, which is fitting because we think our products are about as close to actual magic as it gets. We designed this bag to fit our lip masks and eye patches, and it can also fit our facial masks (but you'll have to roll them a bit). What we really like about this toiletry bag is how packable it is: it keeps its shape and can be tucked neatly into the corner of a suitcase without taking up much room. It's also the perfect shape for keeping in the center armrest of your car, so if you just can't seem to fit in skincare time, you can mask during your commute. 
Both bags are perfectly sized for the gym, too. There's enough room for a toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, and makeup essentials to get ready again after working out. 
Or, if you're in need of a gift to make someone's day, both bags are perfect gift bags! Fill them with skincare, chocolate truffles, and a card for the perfect birthday gift.