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Helping Your Hairline

Helping Your Hairline
So you've got a great handle on your skincare routine. You wear your SPF religiously, you moisturize, and you slap on that serum like a boss. But there's one thing you may overlook: your hairline.
Hairline breakouts are extremely common because you're dealing with a combination of oil from both hair and skin, sweat, dirt, and hair products. It all clogs your pores, traps bacteria, and causes acne. To improve trouble around your hairline, follow these steps:
1. Stop using your haircare products for a week – Yup, all of them. That's the only way to know if products you're using are causing you to break out. Slowly start using your haircare products again. Introduce them one at a time back into your routine, keeping track of your hairline, and see what causes your skin to break out. Eliminate the culprits from your routine.
2. Stop wearing hats/headbands – Hats trap bacteria in the hatband, causing breakouts. If you need to wear a hat, wash it regularly. If you use a headband to hold your hair back, make sure it can be washed easily to prevent breakouts.
3. Wash your pillowcases – You sweat as you sleep at night, and all that sweat and dirt on your pillowcase can rub back into your skin, causing further breakouts.
4. Exfoliate your hairline – Use a scalp rub to exfoliate the skin around your hairline to unclog pores.
5. Stop covering up – When you have breakouts, it's tempting to want to cover up the acne with makeup, but resist the urge: that will just make the issue worse. 
Be gentle with the skin around your hairline. Keep it clean and free from irritating products. Exfoliate gently and moisturize with high-quality lotion if you notice any dry spots.