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5 Ways to Care for Your Skin in Winter

5 Ways to Care for Your Skin in Winter

It's winter, which means your skin is silently screaming for moisture. Winter is harsh on skin. There's dryness, cold, and the snow actually increases your UV exposure—which means you can actually cause premature aging through UV exposure even when there isn't much sun outside. If that isn't enough to give you seasonal depression, all the heaters you crank on during winter can do additional damage. 

But all is not lost! Here's how to protect and care for your skin during winter, even when the weather outside is frightful.

1. Get a humidifer – Crank this puppy while you sleep, and you'll wake up with healthier, more moisturized hair and skin. They're not expensive, but be sure to. use filtered water. 

2. Serum first – Sure, you're probably going through gallons of moisturizer, but to really penetrate the skin barrier, apply a serum before putting on your moisturizer. The moisturizer will prevent the serum from evaporating and help push the ingredients into your face. 

3. Mask regularly – Many of our masks are made of biocellulose, so ingredients absorb fully and truly hydrate, whereas other masks only affect the outer layers of your skin temporarily. Use the Micro-Holy Hydrogel Hydrating Face Mask and our Biocellulose Anti-Aging Face Mask to combat dryness and fine lines.

4. Lip masks – Most of us are more familiar with facial masks than we are with lip masks, but the truth is that lips are seriously abused during winter. They take the brunt of the cold and dryness and some of us get used to chapsticks that just make the dryness worse. Our lip masks will actually moisturize your lips and the area around your mouth to combat chapping and give your lips a much needed hydration infusion. 

5. Keep drinking – Not vodka. Water. It's difficult to keep drinking as much water during the winter as we do during the summer, especially because (for those of us in snowy areas), the last thing we want to do is be exposed to yet more wetness. But if you don't keep drinking at least 64 oz of water a day, your skin will start looking parched and will develop fine lines. So drink up!

These five tips are essential for keeping your skin looking glowy and gorgeous all winter long!

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