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How to Prep Your Pout to Help Your Lipstick Out

How to Prep Your Pout to Help Your Lipstick Out

You've probably invested a pretty penny in your lipstick game. And who can blame you? With so many gorgeous colors to choose from, it's impossible to say no to buying just a few more. 

There's one problem, though: no matter how high-quality the lipstick, if your lips are dry, chapped, or peeling, your look will suffer. That's because lipstick will stick to the dry skin of your lips and flake off throughout the day. Dry skin also contributes to lipsticks and lipglosses bleeding, which just looks messy.

Taking the time to prepare your lips for lip color pays off in even application with less bleeding and flaking. Here's what to do:

1. Exfoliate

To prevent lipsticks from sticking to dry skin, start by exfoliating to reveal new, smooth skin. Remove any lip products from your face, so your lips are clean (don't ever exfoliate without washing your face first—otherwise, you're just grinding dirt and makeup into your pores). If you're in the shower, allow warm water to soften your skin for a few minutes before you exfoliate. 

Gently rub lips with a moistened Korean Exfoliating Mitt, which we designed to be gentle enough to not harm lips, but effective enough for efficient exfoliation. Just rub your lips a few times in a circular motion; there's no need to scrub. Rinse off any removed skin.

2. Mask

Once you've exfoliated your lips, you can hydrate the fresh skin you've revealed. This is much more effective than slathering lip balm over dead skin.

Lay a Strawberry Lip Mask with Collagen or a Hydrating Watermelon Lip Mask over your lips and wait 10–15 minutes before removing. While the lip mask is applied, it will stay in place so you can do anything you'd like as you hydrate.

Then, remove the mask and discard, allowing any extra serum to absorb into your lips.

3. Apply lip color

It's time to get wild! Try out a lipstick or lipgloss you use regularly to see how much better it looks over exfoliated, hydrated lips. You'll find your lip products wear better and look brighter. 

Plus, with regular hydration and use of our lip masks, you'll see healthier-looking, younger-looking lips with fewer fine lines and wrinkles.