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How to Quickly Recover from an Ugly Cry

How to Quickly Recover from an Ugly Cry

It's 11 a.m. on a Tuesday. You have a staff meeting at 1 p.m. and your boyfriend broke up with you fifteen minutes ago. By text. (Good riddance.) After a good old fashioned ugly cry in the women's restroom, you take a look in the mirror and...well, you look like you've been crying. It's very un-corporate of you. 

We're here to help. You can have a good cry and still manage to look like you've never had a bad day in your life in just twenty minutes. 

(Note: some of our suggestions require a bit of foresight. We recommend always having a bag on hand or in your glove box filled and ready with emergency essentials.)

1. Clean up, buttercup

Your mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow are probably all somewhere around your cheeks. Grab a kleenex and start dabbing away the runny makeup. Tell yourself you look gorgeous because you're gorgeous. Proceed.

2. Cold water

If you can grab some ice from the break room, it's not a bad idea to rub a few ice cubes over your face to help calm down your skin. If not, splash some water on your face. If you can't splash without ruining your makeup all over again, get some paper towels wet and dab them everywhere except your eyes.

3. Depuff

Grab your travel eye patches (you don't have? Buy some immediately for the future) and put them on. They'll depuff and refresh in a hurry. 

4. Refresh 

Your eyes are likely still red, but not for long. Grab your eye drops and put them in. They'll get rid of redness in under a minute. By the time you unpeel the eye patches, your eyes will look like they don't even know what sad means

If you have emergency makeup essentials in your bag, this is your chance to add a bit of foundation and concealer. If not, dab on some lip gloss or touch up your lipstick, fluff your hair, and head out the door.