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Ingredient Spotlight: Adenosine

Ingredient Spotlight: Adenosine

Today’s ingredient spotlight features Adenosine. Adenosine is naturally occurring in the body—adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the storehouse molecule for energy. The adenosine found in skincare is derived from yeast. Enjoy adenosine’s energetic power and myriad benefits for your skin such as:


Adenosine decreases the appearance of wrinkles by energizing the skin’s surface. Studies have shown skincare containing adenosine led to significant improvements in skin smoothness, decreased appearance of crow’s feet, and reduce the depth of brow wrinkles. The result is a smoother more youthful complexion.


Collagen works in support of healthy skin and adenosine stimulates collagen production. Aging and environmental free radicals can degrade collagen proteins but adenosine stimulates collagen to help firm and strengthen the skin. Thanks to this, Adenosine is great at promoting tissue repair and healing.


Adenosine inhibits the effects of inflammation by inhibiting neutrophils-the white blood cells that rush to damaged or infected skin tissue. As a result, skin care products with adenosine are able to help treat minor scrapes, cuts, burns, and other injuries. With it’s collagen stimulating properties, adenosine also benefits skin’s elasticity and hydration.

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