Ingredient Spotlight: Marine Collagen

Ingredient Spotlight: Marine Collagen

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Topical collagen is all the rage these days and with its anti-aging and skin moisturizing benefits, we’re glad the beauty world is catching on. As the main protein in your body (about 30%!), collagen is one of the key elements of your skin. It helps bind all the other components together. In fact, collagen gets its name from the Greek word kóla, which translates to glue. 

Why it’s important

As you age, your body’s natural collagen production starts to slow which contributes to signs of aging. Studies show collagen production start decreasing in your late 20s, even losing about 1% of the body’s natural collagen per year in your 30s. 

The moral of the story is this: to prevent signs of aging from collagen depletion, incorporate topical collagen into your skincare routine. It’s a perfect regimen addition for preventing signs of aging, and minimizing the appearance of existing fine lines and wrinkles.

Finding the right product

So, which kind of collagen is best? Our favorite form of topical collagen is ethically sourced from marine byproducts. It’s made up of Type I collagen, the type that makes up the building blocks of your skin.  That’s why marine collagen is considered the most biocompatible with the skin, most effectively penetrating the skin’s surface to encourage strengthening, wrinkle reduction, elasticity and moisture retention.  

See what the buzz is about. Try marine collagen in: