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Ingredient Spotlight: Peonies

Ingredient Spotlight: Peonies

Today’s ingredient spotlight features a (not so secret) ancient Chinese secret— peonies. Since the Han Dynasty across multiple cultures, peonies petals, bulbs, and roots have been used in herbal medicine to treat everything from blood pressure to nervous and neurological conditions. Peonies have major skincare benefits which include:


Peonies contain paeonol, an antibacterial compound which works to treat inflammation, wounds, and skin irritations. Thanks to paeonol’s antifungal properties, skin is soothed and reduces reactions and pigmentation. With inflammation in check, skin stays smooth, even, and toned.


Another chemical compound found in the roots of peony, paeonilflorin, has strong anti-oxidant effects. These help delay cell damage by free radicals, fight infections, and regenerate healthy cells. Peony’s excellent brightening and firming properties keep skin healthy and renewed so skin stays glowing.


The extract of petals has nourishing properties that act as a barrier to damage and moisturize the skin. Peony is gentle and doesn’t interact with harsher ingredients like retinols or chemicals. With moisture in tact, skin stays nourished and firm.

Experience the power of peony’s in one of Soon’s newest additions, Peony Foot Mask. Our mask helps the driest and most damaged feet become revitalized, soothed, smoothed, and petal soft.
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