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Item of the Week: Peony Foot Mask

Item of the Week: Peony Foot Mask

Soon is offering an Item Of The Week. This week our Peony Foot Mask is on sale.

May is ending and June is upon us, that means warmer weather. Warmer weather means less clothing and sandal weather. Time to reckon with yourself, are you ready for it? We’re always ready for a sunny day but are those feet sandal ready? Ehhhh, no. That manicure from a few weeks ago has chipped down and a diligent exfoliating session are in order. Let’s make it easier to set things right — try Soon’s Peony Foot Mask.

The Soon Peony Foot Mask is simple and doesn’t require a trip to the spa. Slip your feet into the booties, kick back, and wait for the mask to work its magic. Your feet will emerge moisturized, revitalized, and smooth as a Barbie foot. No scrubbing, scraping, and weeks of shedding. That’s part of what makes this foot mask so great.

Soon’s Peony Foot Mask treats the most ravaged of feet without ravaging your feet. Our mask doesn’t have harsh chemicals or exfoliants, it soothes and nourishes the skin. The peony extract has healing properties that penetrate to soften dry and tough skin. Ginger root heals cracks and protects against further damage. Licorice root has skin calming properties for worn down feet. As always no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates and cruelty free. You'll be feeling that whole "footloose and fancy free" vibe.