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Last-minute Valentine's Day Gifts (That Aren't Flowers)

Last-minute Valentine's Day Gifts (That Aren't Flowers)

Flowers are great. But they'll also last about a week, and your love (hopefully) will last way longer than that. Besides, you're not basic. The trouble is, if Valentine's Day has snuck up on you faster than a rash, flowers are an easy last-minute gift. But you're not basic, so don't give a basic gift: here are 5 ideas for last-minute Valentine's Day gift ideas for everyone you love.

1. The Complete Monty Python's Flying Circus

Love to laugh? Of course you do. And no one makes funny happen better than Monty Python. If your loved one hasn't been introduced to Monty Python, this is the time to make it happen. Pro tip: laughing is sexy. 

2. Passion Planner

What's hotter than achieving goals? The Passion Planner is the perfect idea for everyone, and will help you sort through your dreams, break them down, and create a plan to make those dreams come true. And if your dream is making out with someone...well, the Passion Planner can make that happen, too.

3. Soon Skincare Gift Card

Skincare is the gift that fits everyone. If you haven't had time to grab one of our Valentine's Day Gift Sets before the big day, don't panic: our gift cards can be printed out on demand. Which means you can look like you've had this planned for months. And nothing's sexier than forethought.


4. Polpo: A Venetian Cookbook

Heat things up with the perennial aphrodisiac: food. Instead of going out to a crowded restaurant on Valentine's Day, try out a few rad recipes with your family or your partner. Or invite the whole neighborhood over, and spread the love!

5. David Bowie "Loving the Alien" Boxed Set

No Valentine's Day is complete without an impromptu David Bowie dance party. And if your loved one isn't a David Bowie fan, it's time to break up and join a commune in Indiana. Reunite the love with this fantastic set.

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