Lip Masking 101

Lip Masking 101

Dry, cracked lips are never fun, but a lip mask? That is our idea of fun. Our lip masks are a Korean skincare favorite, using lightweight, comfortable hydrogel infused with the lip-loving ingredients aloe and allantoin that improve moisture retention all day and all night. 

Our Strawberry Lip Masks with Collagen also have, you guessed it, strawberry to reduce dark spots and wrinkles, and give your lips a dose of vitamin C. Strawberry is rich in antioxidants which help fight free radicals. (Remember those?) An added boost of marine collagen helps plump the skin and has long-term anti-aging benefits. 

The Hydrating Watermelon Lip Masks use watermelon, which not only hydrates the skin but also helps seal moisture in for long-lasting hydration. The addition of niacinamide increases cell turnover, an essential process for anti-aging. Lip masks are good for all skin types, so you can’t go wrong with these K-skincare products. 

So, when do you use a lip mask? Try it: 

  • In the morning. Ever heard the advice to drink 8 oz. of water upon waking to replenish your body’s hydration? Your lips (and the rest of your skin!) need the same attention. After cleansing your face, apply a lip mask and restore any loss of moisture during your good night’s sleep. 
  • Right before bed. Air is typically cooler and drier overnight which can lead to dry, cracked lips in the morning. Giving your skin an extra boost of hydration before bed should reduce any discomfort during the night and in the morning. 
  • In the bath. While you soak, the heat from the water should help open up your pores and allow for better absorption of hydrating and anti-aging ingredients. Apply your lip mask, sit back and relax.
  • Before an event. Incorporate a lip mask into your prep process for a date night, party or any other special outing. Your lip products will apply better and last longer on smooth, hydrated lips.