Multitask While you Mask

Multitask While You Mask

Life is busy. Between work, laundry, cleaning, cooking, sports, family, social events—oof, we’re winded already. You don’t have time for your skincare routine to get in your way. That’s the beauty of sheet masks. Whether you’re up for a full-face refresh or targeting the under eye area and lips, sheet masks give your skin the TLC it needs without putting a damper on your day.  

While infusing the skin with potent, healthy ingredients, Soon Skincare sheet masks enhance absorption, prevent unnecessary ingredient evaporation and, best of all, never slip during wear. We worked *really* hard on a fit and texture that is comfortable, doesn’t budge and feels luxurious to wear as you go about your day. 

Our favorite way to incorporate sheet masks into our routine is by wearing them while we do just about anything else. Chores aren’t fun, but if you can work through your to-do list while nurturing your skin that just may make those chores a little sweeter. 

Mop the floors while wearing a foot mask. Catch up on emails with your lip masks. Fold the laundry with hand masks. Finish the yard work with eye patches or a face mask on. You’ll have the whole neighborhood multitasking while masking in no time. Our sheet masks are designed to work with you because your beauty routine shouldn’t interfere with your life. 

Join the #MultiTaskingMasking challenge April 5 - April 23 and show us how you multitask wearing any of Soon’s face, lip or eye masks. We’ll be picking weekly winners and one grand prize winner for a year of masks on us. 

Bonus: every person that enters will receive a code for an exclusive Sheet Mask BOGO. Buy a box of 5 sheet masks of your choice, receive a box free.