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National Women's Checkup Day

National Women's Checkup Day
If you've never heard of National Women's Checkup Day, it's time you learned what this unique holiday is all about. As women, our bodies do insane things—I mean, our organs move when we're pregnant to make room for the fetus, so if that isn't the most metal thing you've ever heard, try this on for size: we also bleed for like a week straight every month without dying. Our bodies are freaking miracles.
The problem is, because women spend their lives doing so much for other people, they neglect to do things like go to the doctor. And that's a serious issue: breast cancer, for instance, can be fairly easily treated with early detection, but putting off a mammogram often means missing the opportunity for early cancer detection. And that can be fatal.
National Women's Checkup Day is a rallying cry for self care. And think of it this way: if you're so uncomfortable with self care of if you're so busy that you put off a checkup, you're putting yourself at risk. And if there's something wrong with your health, you can't care for yourself or anyone else. So, really, you owe it to everyone you love to schedule a checkup. How's that for a guilt trip? Here are a few things you should be checking on:
Mammogram – Get the ladies squeezed. Early detection is the way to beat cancer. Make a regular mammogram part of your routine.
Skin checkup – Get a full-body examination of your skin. Tell your dermatologist about any moles or freckles that may have changed recently.
Dental checkup – Neglecting your teeth can kill you. Get a cleaning every six months, no matter what. Your dentist will check for mouth cancers and other issues while you're there.
Pap smear – Ah yes, everyone's favorite. Pap smears are never not uncomfortable, but they're important for making sure your cervix is healthy and no cancer is present.
Eye exams – Your eyes change throughout your life, and it's important to get them regularly checked for vision changes or any developing issues.
Thyroid – Thyroid issues are common in women. Your doctor should be testing regularly to make sure your thyroid is functioning well.
Yes, getting everything checked up is a chore, but you only have one body, so you need to take care of it. Take the initiative on National Women's Checkup Day to make a few appointments and make the commitment to a healthier life.