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O, Baby! We're in Oprah Magazine!

O, Baby! We're in Oprah Magazine!
If you're like us, you grew up watching daytime television with your mom (maybe while eating a hot dog and mac and cheese for lunch). And if that's how you spent your childhood, you know there's no greater force than Oprah Winfrey. Oprah is simply the end-all be-all of entertainment. She's a health coach, a wise older sister, a discerning judge, a spiritual inspiration, a powerful actress, and a poised interviewer. She overcame tremendous barriers of sexism and racism and transformed herself into a network juggernaut. Also, she's just plain cool. 
So it may come as no surprise that, when Soon Skincare was reviewed by Brian Underwood for O Magazine, we understandably freaked out. 
"Tired feet deserve pampering. Just slip into these booties, and a peony-based formula heals and nourishes so you can get back up and at 'em." 
Well-put, Brian! Our Peony Foot Masks truly nourish tired, aching feet. If you've ever hesitated wearing sandals out of embarrassment for your cracked, dry feet, this is the solution. Sure, you can scrub all you want with a pumice stone or get your dry skin scraped off by your nail technician, but that doesn't do anything to address the root issue: dry skin. At the end of the day, without healing from the inside out, your cracked heels will only get worse. 
We're going to be over here still trying to recover from our debut in O Magazine. And we suggest letting your feet recover from all the hard work they do with our Peony Foot Mask.