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Our Favorite Skincare YouTubers

Our Favorite Skincare YouTubers

There are so many skincare reviewers these days, it's sometimes hard to keep up. And we love that—skincare is having a major moment (a well-deserved one!), so we're here to share our absolute favorite skincare geniuses. 

1. Dr. Dray

Not all dermatologists are created equal, and Dr. Dray is proof of that. She's a standout, and she makes videos that are frank and refreshing and full of real, scientifically backed information. We love that she combats a ton of bad skincare advice and that she can find great skincare anywhere—even the Dollar Tree. We're borderline obsessed with her, and we're not ashamed to admit it.

2. Hyram

Hyram is a freaking blessing. Though he's young, he's an absolute skincare junkie (we can relate), and we adore how honest he is in his reviews. He's made his name for critiquing the skincare routines of celebrities, but he's not rude about it. We love him for his candid advice and how passionately he cares about the environment.

3. Joan Kim

Joan Kim's channel is full of Korean yumminess. She knows everything there is to know about Korean skincare, and we especially love her monthly skincare favorites. She's passionate about K Beauty, and she delivers great reviews while sharing the newest, coolest products.