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Postpartum Skincare

Postpartum Skincare

This week is Mother’s Day and to honor that we are examining the ways in which motherhood has an impact on your skin.

Skin issues that arise during pregnancy continue on after having the baby (with the addition of puffy eyes and dark circles from lack of sleep). To help your skin attain some stasis and heal it’s important to resume a regular healthy living routine. Consider the following.

Drink Water

Not only is drinking the prescribed eight glasses a day good for skin but keeps postpartum hormones in line.


Hahahaha, sure. The goal is eight hours of regular sleep a night for you and a little more for the baby. This may be a challenge but sneak it in whenever possible. Keep some eye masks in the fridge to tame the circles and bags as needed.

Eat Green Leafy Vegetables

Great for your health overall but especially with iron rich content they help reduce issues.

Take a Multivitamin

Vitamin deficiency is common after pregnancy (you’ve been through a lot) and may contribute to skin issues.

Incorporate Exercise

Get exercise as directed by your doctor. Every delivery is different so exercise is not always possible, but exercise regulates hormones and blood flow which in turn helps your skin.

Wear Sunscreen

Many new mothers find their skin is more sensitive after pregnancy. Take care to shield your skin before being out in the sun too long.


Sloughing off dead skin cells helps your skin regenerate and aid in removing marks.


Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize

Naturally you are focusing on your baby but maintaining a habit of morning and evening skincare is helpful for getting your skin back to good. Add in a face mask treatment to give skin an extra boost and glow.
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