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Skin Mood: Happiness

Skin Mood: Happiness

Soon’s introducing Skin Moods, a blog series examining how our moods affect our skin and skin affects our moods. (It’s a chicken or the egg cycle.) We wanted to address how various inner conditions manifest in our skin and ways you may help alleviate it. Today we’re looking at how happiness affects our skin.

Clear, balanced, hydrated, plump, buoyant, and glowing skin. These aren’t merely the markers of youthful skin but the appearance of your skin on happiness. Not only that but your skin’s ability to repair and renew itself is enhanced. Overall, you skin looks healthy, radiant, and younger.

While negative emotions can contribute to skin damage, positive emotions help improve it. Happiness releases all the feel good hormones like endorphins, serotonin, and oxytocin. These hormones help your body function properly, your blood circulates well, and oxygen is efficiently passed throughout your body. When you have well distributed oxygen and nutrients it shows in your skin. You develop that happy glow. Additionally you are avoiding the release of stress hormones that inhibit the production of helpful and healing collagen and elastin. Your skin is balanced and skin issues aren’t as problematic.  

Of course, happiness isn’t the solution to all skincare woes just as good skin isn’t the solution to happiness. Regular washing, moisturizing, and genetics make a difference. Essentially, if you want to look and feel better, care for yourself and you skin. Focus on things that bring you happiness and know that fleeting positivity isn’t as helpful as lowering stress over time and learning to implement techniques to reduce risk of health issues. An overall balanced lifestyle of eating healthy with an abundance of fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water, sleeping well, cutting out smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, exercise, and meditation contribute to feeling happier. Good skin choices keep your skin happy and good lifestyle choices keep you happy. Win Win.

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