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Skin Moods

Skin Moods

Mid February is notorious for being a bit of a downer. Resolutions are wearing off, winter cold is holding strong, and Valentine’s may not have been as lovely as we anticipated. It’s a time for blahs. With this in mind, Soon’s introducing Skin Moods, a blog series examining how our moods affect our skin and skin affects our moods. (It’s a chicken or the egg cycle.) We wanted to address how various inner conditions manifest in our skin and ways you may help alleviate it.

Skin is widely considered a universal marker of good health and beauty. Even for the least vain among us, skin health can impact us and how we feel. At any stage of life there exists a standard of beauty to aspire to with a concern to address. In the teens it may be acne, 20’s can be hormonal changes and unpredictable skin, 30’s can start diminishing elasticity and wrinkles, 40’s pigment and texture changes, 50’s tone and volume changes, 60’s moisture loss and laxity. The pursuit of perfection and flawlessness can feel never ending.

On top of that, life happens. Our skin may be burned, scratched, marked, or stretched. New allergies crop up. Warts and skin tags appear. Medications have side effects that change our skin. That’s part of living. There’s no getting around the fact that sometimes our skin feels fine but other times, it doesn’t.

Simply put, we get it. We acknowledge the ways skin impacts our well being and vice versa but treating your skin well shouldn’t come at the expense of your well being. We realize no one product is the answer to all conditions but it makes us happy to offer something nice to give yourself a boost and an excuse to take time to care for yourself, however small.