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Skin Tools: Microneedle Roller

Skin Tools: Microneedle Roller

Microneedling may sound like a severe or intimidating treatment but it’s relatively simple and effective. When done correctly microneedling can boost collagen, improve product absorption, and smooth imperfections.

Dermarollers are a handheld tool with a rotating head with tiny microneedles (obviously) that measure about .2 to 1 mm. Dermarollers create itty bitty pin prick holes at the surface level of your skin. 


Not only do dermarollers pair well with skincare products, they increase their efficacy.  The tiny punctures in the skin allow the product to penetrate the skin and create visible results over time. Skincare products and microneedling together boosts collagen production. Studies show that consistent use over a period of months creates an increase in collagen and elastin production.

Microneedling is beneficial but comes with some caveats. Don’t overdo it. You could break capillaries in the skin so stick with a once a month routine. Also because you are breaking the skin barrier, there is always a risk of infection so it's best done in a doctor's office by a professional. Get the sign off from your dermatologist if you have skin sensitivities like rosacea, acne, or eczema as dermaroller use could aggravate those conditions.

If you're going to try microneedling, we recommend pairing your monthly microneedling session with one of our masks. Try the Micro-hole Hydrogel Hydrating Face Mask or Micro-hole Hydrogel Collagen Face Mask to get your face plumper than peach and glowing like an angel.
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