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Skin Tools: Soon Tidy Tresses Headband

Skin Tools: Soon Tidy Tresses Headband

You may be familiar with the term “out of your hair.” It’s an idiom meaning to stop bothering or annoying. You are free and unencumbered. A perfect description (both literally and figuratively) of our next skin tool, Soon’s Tidy Tresses Headband.

Soon’s Tidy Tresses Headband is simple and easy to use and helps make skincare simple and easy for you to apply. Slip it on over your head, push your hair out of your face, and go about your routine. Wash your face, wear a mask, workout, you name it—you’re face forward and unbothered by loose strands or baby hairs. Not a drop of your valuable skin serums or soaps is held back or caught up in your hair.

Soon’s Tidy Tresses Headband is not only painless, it’s plush and soft. As someone who can’t wear headbands (too tight = too much pressure = headache) this lands in that Goldilocks “just right” territory. It's wide and adjustable, so it's effective without overdoing it. Plus care and cleaning for the headband is uncomplicated—gentle wash and air dry as needed. Effortless to use and enjoy, it’s one less thing in your hair.

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