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Skin Tools: Soon's Exfoliating Mitt

Skin Tools: Soon's Exfoliating Mitt

Naturally we write a lot about routines for your face but what about the other 90% of skin on your body? Skin is the body’s largest organ so it’s important to treat it right. Still, the entire surface of your body is a lot of area to cover. A simple and handy (literally) skin tool to treat your body right is Soon’s Exfoliating Mitt.

Soon’s Exfoliating Mitt is made especially for the skin on your body and meant to be used when most of your skin is out—in the shower. The mitt is a light and durable accessory to any shower or bath. Simply slip the mitt over your hand, lather your skin with soap or body wash, and scrub scrub scrub away. The double sided mitt construction won’t slip while you wash and no need to grip it. Shake the mitt out and it easily dries off between washes.

The best part of Soon’s Exfoliating Mitt is how thoroughly it cleans and exfoliates every inch of your body. All the dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, sins, and mistakes are sloughed off and rinsed away. (At least that’s what it feels like.) Plus it helps alleviate ingrown hairs and enables a close shave. Your skin feels renewed, refreshed, and revitalized. When you dry off your skin is like a blank canvas—prepped and ready to be treated to your favorite oils, moisturizers, and serums. The closest thing to a clean slate or fresh start your skin can have.

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