Skincare for Skin Type: Dry

Skincare for Skin Type: Dry

We love when some things are dry—humor, socks, and laundry, for instance. But when your skin is dry, it’s a problem.

We love when some things are dry—humor, socks, and laundry, for instance. But when your skin is dry, it’s a problem. To illustrate why dry skin is so damaging, picture a piece of parchment paper that’s been crumpled up and smoothed back out. Even after you’ve done your best to smooth it, the lines still show. Now, get that parchment paper slightly wet, crumple it up, and smooth it back out: no lines.

It’s the same concept with your skin. When your skin is hydrated, it’s more difficult for lines and wrinkles to develop, which is why the skincare industry places such an emphasis on moisturizers.

Some people were just born with dry skin, and all of us have drier skin as we age, but certain environmental factors like smoking, being dehydrated, lack of sleep, and sun exposure can alter the hydration levels of skin. Even if it's genetic, though, there are steps you can take to make sure your skin is as hydrated as possible.

To combat dry skin, start from the inside out: drink at least a half gallon of water a day, and begin your morning with a light cleanser followed by sunscreen and a moisturizer. The cleanser isn’t a necessary step: in fact, some people with dry skin find that just a splash of water in the morning is fine, as cleansers can strip away natural oils from your face. In the evening, remove your makeup (again being careful not to choose a cleanser that contains exfoliating beads or harsh ingredients), apply a serum, and then apply a heavy moisturizing cream that encapsulates the serum.

It’s especially important to mask regularly if you have dry skin. We recommend our Micro-Hole Hydrogel Collagen Face Mask at least once a week. This infuses your skin with ultra-hydrating ingredients, pushing them deeper into the dermis than just a moisturizer alone can do. This luxury mask minimizes dark circles, eye bags, and puffiness and targets fine lines and wrinkles all over your face.

Keeping your face hydrated is vital for the long-term reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, and a diligent regimen of high-quality skincare is the best chance you have of keeping your skin looking as young as possible. Incorporating regular masking takes hydration to the next level, allowing ingredients like collagen and aloe vera the chance to keep your skin looking supple, gorgeous, and healthy.