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Skinscopes: Leo

Skinscopes: Leo

We know how people get curious with horoscopes, so we’re bringing you Skinscopes, where we recommend Soon skincare based on your astrological sign.

Let’s take a look at Leo’s (July 23-August 22) the lively leaders of the zodiac.

Leo Profile= Bold, Proud, Ambitious

Strengths: Cheerful, generous, warm hearted, humorous, passionate, creative

Weaknesses: Stubborn, self centered, lazy, arrogant, inflexible

Likes: Vacations, admiration, luxury, fun with friends

Dislikes: Being ignored, difficulties, not being treated like royalty

Leo’s love a good time—they are warm hearted, love life, and laughing.  Leo’s have tons of self confidence and are creative and attractive individuals with a flair for the dramatic. They are natural leaders committed to achievement and doing what is right (although a bit prideful and do not take criticism well.) Attention and approval help Leo’s feel loved. What you give them, they want to give back, they are generous and loyal to loved ones. Leo’s love luxury and regality but their happy go lucky, friendly, outgoing nature doesn’t come off as snobbish. 

Soon Recommends: Leo’s love the limelight and our Biocellulose Brightening Face Mask keeps them illuminated center stage. 
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