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Skinscopes: Virgo

Skinscopes: Virgo

Skinscopes is Soon Skincare recommendations based on your astrological sign.

Now it’s time to talk Virgos (August 23- September 22), the virtuous purists of the zodiac. 

Virgo Profile= Graceful, Organized, Kind

Strengths: Logical, responsible, organized, devoted, humble

Weaknesses: Perfectionist, critical, picky, obsessive

Likes: Order, books, nature, animals, health

Dislikes: Asking for help, rudeness, leading groups

At their best, Virgos are humble, deep, and perceptive. They seek to improve themselves and are generous and devoted to their loved ones and friends. Virgo’s impulse to improve themselves can extend to concern around the outward impression they give which triggers their perfectionism in a negative way, causing them to be harshly critical of themselves and others. In these instances, Virgos attention to detail and practicality can be useful to help them focus on what is important in the bigger picture. They will help you analyze a problem and give great advice to help through it. Virgos work hard, are graceful, and have a wit and charm about them that puts others at ease.   

Soon Recommends: WIth Virgos penchant for perfectionism and aesthetic appearance, our Stay Gold Beauty Bag will keep everything they need organized beautifully.
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