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Sticking With a Skincare Routine

Sticking With a Skincare Routine

Let’s say you already have a routine established. You know all the steps and have all the products. You know consistency is key. BUT… you come home late, tired, busy, or feel marginally lazy and this skin routine you’ve painstakingly established is overlooked. How do you stick with it?

Keep Items Easily Accessible

Have the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer all lined up in the order you apply them in a place that is easy for you to access. Be it the countertop, top drawer, or cabinet wherever you most frequently and easily reach. Keep everything organized all in one place and as accessible as possible. This means everything. Any special sponges or towels or hair ties you use, keep them right next to the skin products so it’s simple and easy.

Establish a Default Night Routine

Do your skincare routine right when you come home. If you’re like me, you come home for the day, set your things down, and head to your room to take your pants off. Post pants, go to the bathroom and wash the day off. It feels refreshing.

Or have your skin routine as part of your winding down routine right after dinner but before you read, watch a show, or get stuck in an internet rabbit hole. This way if you end up being too tired as the evening goes on, you’ve already handled it.

Remind Yourself

Be it a sticky note on your mirror or a daily alarm reminder on your calendar or cell phone, anything to remind you before you feel like skipping out. Write “Wash Your Face Gorgeous” or something equally encouraging (more on this below.)

Trick Yourself

Tell yourself that you are just going to rinse your face off at least. Usually if I rinse my face I also quickly slather on a moisturizer and go. Or if you are more prone to brush your teeth, put your toothbrush and toothpaste BEHIND your skincare products so you have to pick them up, move them, or acknowledge them before brushing your teeth.

Treat Yourself

Set up an end of week or month reward or treat for yourself that reinforces sticking with your skincare routine til it’s a habit. We suggest treating yourself to a mask and a bath, or facial or a new skincare product you have been wanting to try.

Positive Reinforcement

Whenever you do remember to complete your routine, look at yourself in the mirror or say out loud to yourself “You look and feel so much better”. Or borrow my grandpa’s go-to phrase “You handsome devil you.” This acts as a subtle and kind encouragement. If you call yourself a lazy slob anytime you forget or omit your routine, you’re attaching negative feelings to the routine. You want caring for yourself to feel positive and nourishing. Yes, that may sound simplistic and silly but it works on your subconscious.

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