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The Most Important Thing to Have in Your Bedroom

The Most Important Thing to Have in Your Bedroom

Alright, so that title may have been misleading: the most important thing to have in your bedroom is, uh, a bed.

But the second most important thing? A good humidifier (I bought that one after the Wirecutter's article on how they went about finding a great humidifier, and I've been super happy with its performance.)

Here are ten reasons why a humidifier is a fantastic investment, especially during the dry winter months when the weather can wreak havoc on skin.

1. It improves the health of your hair.

2. It keeps your skin from cracking.

3. It prevents bloody noses.

4. It helps kill germs.

5. It extends the life of wooden furniture.

6. It prevents snoring.

7. It helps lessen allergies.

8. It keeps lips from chapping.

9. It helps your face looks moisturized.

10. It prevents dry eyes.

Give it a shot! Once you have a humidifier in your room, you'll wonder how you lived without one for so long.

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