The Soon Skincare Holiday Gift Guide

The Soon Skincare Holiday Gift Guide

At a loss for what to give your friends and family for Christmas? We've got you covered. This article will take you on a very merry gift-giving tour of our favorite products and give suggestions on how to gift the biggest smiles yet. From parents to teenagers to best friends, there's something for everyone on your list.
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Sure, mistletoe and Christmas lights and sugar cookies are great, but let's not kid ourselves: it's all about the presents. I mean, Christmas presents are our reward for getting through the year. The downside, though, is that getting the perfect gift for the people you love is downright stressful. So we're here to take that pressure off and give you ideas for becoming the best gift-giver of all time. 

Here's our guide to gifting great skin this holiday season:

Micro-Hole Hydrogel Hydrating Face Mask

Micro-Hole Hydrogel Hydrating Facial Mask

Give it to: teenagers, those who live in dry climates, your mom and aunt

This divinely hydrating face mask not only soothes skin and prevents breakouts, it also plumps your skin with Hyaluronic Acid. Plus, this mask is made from hydrogel to really lock in moisture and prevent the product from evaporating. Teenagers and those who experience adult acne love this mask for soothing skin and preventing future breakouts.

Biocellulose Brightening Face Mask

Biocellulose Brightening Facial Mask

Give it to: yoga instructors, teachers, aunts, besties

Our Biocellulose Brightening Facial Mask is a daydream in a sheet mask. Contains niacinamide to reduce enlarged pores, brighten dull and uneven patches, and soften fine lines. Also contains adenosine, which has proven anti-wrinkle benefits due to its ability to energize the skin’s surface so it looks smoother and younger. This little miracle is perfect for anyone with skin that could use an impressive pick-me-up.

Strawberry Lip Masks with Collagen (20 Sheets)

Strawberry Lip Mask Jar with Collagen

Give it to: your selfie-loving friends, your boss, your nieces, and your grandma

Our lip jars contains 30 days of lip plumping goodness. You'll be astonished at how transformative these unassuming little patches are. In just 20 minutes, you can plump, deeply hydrate, and soften your lips. 

Hydrating Blueberry Hydrogel Eye Jar (30 Pairs) 

Hydrating Blueberry Hydrogel Eye Jar

Give it to: new moms, students, and coworkers

Look, we don't want to say our eye masks are miracles, but the evidence speaks for itself. Not only can these little babies depuff, deeply moisturize, and banish dark undereyes, they can also soften smile lines. Oh yes, my friends: they do it all. These are perfect for new moms and anyone else who hasn't had a full night's sleep in recent memory.

Soon Signature Tote Bag

Soon Signature Tote Bag

Give it to: anyone!

Ok, who doesn't need a tote bag? Haul books, groceries, or a few dozen croissants in style. Here's a pro tip: use our tote bag as gift bag instead of a normal paper gift bag. That way your gift recipient receives two presents in one: the goodies in the tote bag (preferably all Soon, of course) and the tote bag itself. 

The Soon Starter Kit

The Soon Starter Pack

Perfect for: wives, moms, best friends

If you know Soon, you know that our masks are second to none. Made of the highest-quality, purest ingredients, our masks make noticeable changes to the skin. Simply put: these aren't your mama's drugstore sheet masks. We've gathered all our masks together for a serious steal of a bundle, which means you can grab a bundle and give 10 individual gifts or let someone you love experience the full range of Soon Skincare. Of course, you can always keep it for yourself (we're not going to tell: we hold to a strict vow of secrecy).