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Why Do Our Masks Cost More Than Other Masks?

Why Do Our Masks Cost More Than Other Masks?

Ok, so Soon Skincare has the highest-quality masks on the market, and you’ve probably heard your friends rave about how good their skin looks after using our products. But maybe there was a bit of sticker shock when you saw what our masks cost. After all, you can absolutely pick up a sheet mask at any drug store for about the cost of a coffee. Even the masks near the register at Sephora are about $8.

Ours are about double that. And worth every penny. Here’s why:

The mask itself

Sheet masks are soaked in serum, and the idea is that the serum is encapsulated by the mask material so the ingredients sink into your skin. However, most sheet masks are made from a non-woven fabric. These don’t adhere very well to your skin and you’ll need to lie down to prevent the mask from falling off. These masks also are extremely porous, which means the serum will evaporate faster than it absorbs. Sephora masks, for example, are made from bio-fiber material and don’t “trap” the serum before it evaporates.

Meaning you may have paid less for your mask, but it’s a waste of money: that serum will only affect the very top layer of your skin for a very short amount of time. The rest of the serum will evaporate.

Biocellulose, the material from which most our masks are made, was initially created to help burn victims heal because it cools the skin and holds in moisture. Biocellulose fits like a second skin over your face, which means the product can’t evaporate and it is forced to absorb deeper into your skin. When you purchase one of our masks, the serum can actually work. And you don’t have to interrupt your day: biocellulose allows you to walk around and move normally because it stays in place.


While Korean skincare is super popular, it’s often difficult to determine what kind of ingredients are in the sheet masks you’re wearing. For instance, it’s common for Korean sheet masks to use horse oil in their ingredients. So…well, there’s that. And if that doesn’t bother you, then go for it.

But packing useless ingredients into sheet masks is at best incompetent and at worst misleading. And most sheet masks on drug store shelves rely on the cheapest, watered-down versions of ingredients. If they do anything, they'll only affect the very top layer of your skin.

But not with a Soon Skincare mask. We use natural ingredients and our formulas are developed holistically. Every single ingredient we select has a specific purpose and has been tested for efficacy. Meaning it actually works. There’s collagen for plumping and hydration, raspberry ketones for dramatic skin transformation, aloe vera for anti-inflammatory properties, and rose extract for keeping skin moisturized. We use the highest-quality ingredients we can find because they’re going into your skin.

What we don’t include

There are a few things you’ll never find in our masks: parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. They’re too harsh and they have no place in your body. Our masks are also cruelty-free and vegan, except for collagen (which is marine-derived).

So why Soon?

They cost more because they actually work. They’re not just soothing novelties: they change the appearance of your skin to look younger, feel smoother, and be more radiant. They work faster than creams and they are much cheaper than getting a facial at a spa, yet deliver similar results. So, all things considered, our skincare products are nothing short of a bargain.

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