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Why Hairdressers Need Hand (and Feet!) Masks

Why Hairdressers Need Hand (and Feet!) Masks

All hail hair stylists! 

It's no secret that hair impacts just about every facet of our daily lives, so it's no wonder that hair stylists are often much more than acquaintances we see on a monthly basis: they usually become friends and confidantes. 

But being a hair stylist is no joke: it's hard physical work, and it has some serious drawbacks when it comes to skin. So here's why our Shea Butter Hand Masks and Peony Foot Masks are so important for hairdressers:


Hairstylists are exposed to chemicals all day, every day. From shampoo to bleach to dye, the sheer amount of products that hair stylists use is dizzying. Then there's the washing. Client after client, hair wash after hair wash, hairdressers are constantly submerging their hands in hot water.

So what does this mean? Disaster: cracked, bleeding, irritated hands. After a while, this adds up to the skin on stylists' hands looking much older than it should.

Hand masks should be an important part of a hair stylist's routine. They help repair the skin barrier, deeply moisturize, and protect against further damage. 


Lunch break? Dream on. The physical toll of nonstop standing is pretty extreme, but add to it constant bending and arm lifting and being a hairdresser is just downright exhausting. 

Thankfully, our foot masks are here to help. Besides deeply soothing feet, they also repair the cracks that form in skin from standing too long. And cracked, dry feet are painful. 

If you have a hairdresser friend, it's time to gift them our Smooth Operator Bundle. And if you are a hair stylist, get it for yourself!