Why We Love Korean Skincare

Why We Love Korean Skincare

Korean skincare is an effective way at caring for your skin holistically.
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Your skin is a miraculous organ. Sure, it's beautiful to look at, but it's also complex and strong and helps protect you from environmental stressors and dirt while also keeping your internal organs held together. Skin is incredible.

That's why we're passionate about Korean skincare: it's an effective way at caring for your skin holistically. Here are five reasons we love Korean skincare:

1. It's on your skin's side

Sometimes, when your skin is breaking out or looking more stressed than usual, it's tempting to use harsh treatment methods. Korean skincare is about paying attention to your skin's needs to help it return to balance instead of punishing it for not being perfect.

2. It's more than skin deep

To help prevent signs of aging, your skincare products need to penetrate past the top layer. Korean skincare emphasizes products with small molecular weights to better absorb and maximize visible benefits.

3. Every product has a purpose

Korean skincare routines include anywhere from 5 to 15 steps, but each step has a very specific purpose for your skin's health. The end result is a cohesive routine that works together to target every aspect of your skin's needs.

4. It focuses on health first

For too long, the skincare industry demonized aging. But the truth is that aging is something to be proud of. Korean skincare prioritizes your skin's health rather than frantically erasing signs of aging. And while it certainly does reverse fine lines and some wrinkles, the focus is on letting your skin age naturally and healthily 

5. It reveals instead of concealing

Often, skincare assumes you'll be layering your face with foundation to cover any imperfections. Korean skincare wants you to show off your natural skin. And it wants you to feel confident about your skin by focusing on products that renew and replenish.

If you're new to Korean skincare, it may seem overwhelming. That's why we offer a great way to get started and start experiencing Korean skincare benefits without any confusion. Grab a Soon Starter Kit and start loving your skin.