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Your Loofah is Disgusting

Your Loofah is Disgusting

Consider the loofah. This unassuming bundle of cellulose is probably hanging from a hook in your bathroom right now, just waiting for your next shower. It's been with you for how long now? Months? Years? And you've probably never given it a second thought.

It's time to give it a second thought. That loofah might be plotting your murder right this second.

Ok, that's dramatic. Your loofah will not murder you. But your loofah is harboring a whole lot of dead skin cells and a large amount of bacteria that thrive in warm, wet environments. Check out this study detailing what researchers found when they observed loofahs in a lab environment (the study is from 1994, so it's not recent, but loofahs haven't changed in the past few decades).

Which means that, instead of cleaning your skin each time you use your loofah, you're actually adding bacteria and germs to the surface of your skin. Yummy.

Plus, loofahs can be downright irritating to sensitive skin, which can result in breakouts that are exacerbated by the bacteria you've been spreading around from your loofah. Even natural sponge loofahs can give you rashes.

Loofahs should be replaced every month, but that's not very good for the environment or our wallets. And washcloths are great if they're washed after every use, but they're not great at lathering and they can harbor bacteria, as well.

The Koreans have the right solution. They use washcloths that dry fully between use and have microholes that won't harbor bacteria. Our Korean Exfoliating Washcloth is only $8, and it exfoliates dead skin cells, unclogging pores and revealing a healthy, natural glow. Plus, it still lathers your favorite body wash or soap, so you can have all of the benefits of a loofah without any of the bacteria. 

Lose the loofah. Today. And get a showering solution that doesn't plot your skin's downfall.