3 Reasons Biocellulose Face Masks Rock

3 Reasons Biocellulose Face Masks Rock

Biocellulose is one of the absolute best materials used in face masks, and here are three reasons why.
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If hearing the word "biocellulose" makes your eyes glaze over, we don't blame you: it's a weird word. But that weird word is actually an ingenious material for face masks. It's way better than those cheap drugstore masks, and it's much better than thick plastic novelty face masks. In fact, it's one of the absolute best materials used in face masks, and here are three reasons why:

1. It was originally developed for burn victims

Biocellulose is made of natural materials and has the feeling of a second skin. It encourages healing and skin health. Because it's so therapeutic, you'll notice a feeling of immediate relief when you put it on; it's incredibly soothing. Biocellulose mimics the skin's natural barrier, which means it has great healing properties.

2. It seals perfectly against your skin

Because biocellulose has an incredible "clingy" quality, it seals against your skin seamlessly, which means that serums and lotions won't evaporate. Instead, they're encouraged deeper into the layers of your skin, which means active ingredients can work at a deeper level to prevent fine lines and wrinkles and encourage cell regeneration. 

3. It has natural cooling properties

If you've just gotten microdermabrasion, fillers, or any other skin procedure, your skin may be extra sensitive. That's the best time for a biocellulose mask. Its natural cooling properties address sensitivities and provide a great feeling of relief. It's especially fantastic for use after sun exposure (read: a long day at the beach) to help skin rebound from all that heat.

Our biocellulose masks are famous for a reason: they deliver visible results and encourage healthier skin. Shop our three favorite biocellulose masks:

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