Three Important Steps to Better Mask Prep

Three Important Steps to Better Mask Prep

Getting the best benefits from your mask also depends on the steps you take before you apply your mask.
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We spend a lot of time making sure you're applying your mask correctly (remember: there are two plastic backings to our face masks that need to be removed—not just one!), but really getting the best benefits from your mask also depends on the steps you take before you apply your mask.

Here are three steps to getting the most out of your masks:

1. Take your makeup off

Makeup is great, but if you don't remove it before applying your mask, the serum can't absorb properly. Pretend your makeup is plastic wrap: a serum obviously can't penetrate through plastic wrap. That's why it's important to remove your makeup before continuing with your skincare routine. Our Sweet Relief Makeup Cloths remove even waterproof makeup using only water, and they're great for the environment.

Also, if you use a two-step oil and foaming cleanser, you'll notice that getting the majority of your makeup off beforehand eliminates mess and allows for deeper cleansing.

2. Hop in the shower

After you've removed your makeup, it's time to hop in the shower. If you don't want to take a shower, consider holding your skin a safe distance from steam rising from running hot water in the sink so that your pores open and your skin is softened.

Give your skin an additional cleansing with your favorite cleanser when you hop in the shower to remove any remaining dirt from your face: you don't want to grind that into your skin when you exfoliate. Remember: if you use an oil cleanser, that needs to be applied with dry hands on a dry face. So, oil cleanse before you enter the shower, then use a foaming cleanser as the water runs.

3. Exfoliate

We're big fans of cleaning our face in the shower before applying a mask. Here's why: when you allow your skin to soften under lukewarm water (that's important: water that's too hot strips your skin of healthy oils and can aggravate other skin conditions), it's easier to exfoliate.

The best way to exfoliate without harming your skin is to use our Korean Exfoliating Mitt. Exfoliation is a vital part of masking preparation. If you don't get rid of dead skin, the serum from your mask will be wasted on hydrating that dead skin. You want the serum to penetrate as deeply into your face as possible, so pave the way for that to happen by exfoliating first.

Exfoliation also clears pores so that serum isn't stopped by oil and dirt. 

Now, you're ready to mask! You'll find that, by preparing your face before masking, you'll ensure your mask has the best environment in which to thrive. That means getting the best results and the best skin you've seen yet.