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3 Steps to Helping Skin Recover After the Holidays

3 Steps to Helping Skin Recover After the Holidays

Your sugar cookie game was on point this year—and no one's questioning that. Nor are we even remotely judging how many sweets you ate because, hey, life is short. But while we're applauding your devotion to the time-honored tradition of bingeing during the holidays, your skin may not be so fond of your dietary decisions.

If your face is feeling bloated and your skin is breaking out, we have three tried-and-true steps that will get your skin's glow back.

1. Stop picking, and start healing

We know we're not supposed to eat sugar. But the problem is that, um, sugar tastes good. Unfortunately, though, sugar is connected to acne and inflammation. Your knee jerk reaction may be to pop those pimples and start scrubbing your face with exfoliators, but that's not the best way to heal acne...and it can actually cause further irritation.

Instead, use a gentle cleanser and then follow it up with a marine collagen-infused serum. Marine collagen strengthens the skin and encourages faster recovery time, so it's ideal for mitigating breakouts.

2. De-stress

Holiday stress leads to stressed skin. In addition to taking the time between Christmas and New Year's to focus on getting enough sleep and get back into your yoga/meditation routine, this is also the time to take extra time with your skincare regimen. Incorporate the most soothing products you own, and take the time to incorporate an anti-inflammatory face mask.

This block of time is important because, once you head back to work in the new year, there's a good chance you won't have as much time to devote to your skincare. 

3. Rehydrate

Few of us are strong enough to turn down free alcohol at holiday parties. But alcohol is the fastest way to dehydration, and that immediately shows up in your skin. Focus on drinking even more water, using serum consistently, and masking regularly. Also, consider investing in a humidifier to use as you sleep; this is a great way to survive the dry winter months while keeping your skin moisturized.