All About Acne

All About Acne

Summer is in full swing, and we couldn’t be more excited. June is about more than just hitting the beach and spending extra time outside, it’s also Acne Awareness Month. With the tips in this post and products recommended, we think your skin is about to have its best summer ever. 

What causes acne?

Acne happens when dead skin cells, oil, and dirt clog your pores. Increased oil production, sweating, and spending more time outside can often lead to a breakout. This is why you may have noticed more acne in the summer months. With warmer temperatures causing you to sweat, and more exposure to dirt and other irritants, your acne may become worse. Other common causes of acne are using abrasive soaps to clean your face, not moisturizing enough, and exfoliating too harshly.

How to prevent acne breakouts

Prevent the build up of dead skin cells

One of the most important steps in preventing breakouts is to stop the build up of dead skin cells. This is done by cleansing and exfoliating your face and body. You want to unclog pores without aggravating your skin, so it’s important to use gentle but effective exfoliators. Luckily, our Polish Pack is the perfect solution to this problem. This pack comes with a Korean Exfoliating Mitt that is used to gently exfoliate your face, as well as a large Korean Exfoliating Washcloth that can be used on the rest of your body. It will even allow you to get those hard-to-reach back areas! 


When your face isn’t properly moisturized, your pores overproduce oil - which can lead to a breakout. Be sure you are using non comedogenic moisturizers (meaning it does not clog pores). Even better, use a serum to penetrate the surface level of the skin, and leave you with even deeper hydration. Our Mermaid Marine Collagen Serum is perfect to do exactly that.

Limit time in the sun, and use an oil-free sunscreen

Because dry skin leads to more oil production and more pimples, spending a lot of time in the sun can lead to more breakouts. The type of sunscreen you are using can also be the cause of your breakout, so make sure you are using an oil-free sunscreen like this one to help to prevent acne.

What to do during a breakout

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the breakout still happens anyway. Here are a few things that you can do for your acne to help clear it up as quickly and healthily as possible.

Use an acne patch

Acne patches are great for spot-treating acne.  Not only do they stop you from picking at your face, but the right patch will also absorb oil, kill bacteria, and minimize redness and irritation. Check out Soon Skincare’s Magnesium Hydrocolloid Acne Patches for a patch that has all of the ingredients that you’ll need to combat those blemishes. This small-but-mighty acne patch will not let you down.


We hope that with these tips and products you glow even more radiantly than the sun this season.