Bad Skin Habits

Bad Skin Habits

Bad skin habits can become part of our daily routine without us even realizing it.

We all know the good habits we're supposed to incorporate into our lives: get exercise, get enough sleep, eat fruits and vegetables, and don't date a guy who rides a motorcycle. But there are plenty of us who have bad skin habits that have become part of our daily routine without us even realizing it. 

Here are some of the worst bad skin habits to have. Check out why they're so harmful.

  1. Using only makeup remover wipes to wash your face

We see you. Yes, makeup remover wipes are convenient, but they are lousy for the environment and lousy for your skin.

The fix: you don't have to stop using your wipes completely. They're great for getting the bulk of your makeup off after a night out, but follow up with actual cleanser and water so your face will get actually clean.

  1. Skipping the sunscreen

We've heard a ton of excuses from people about why they opt out of sunscreen, from "oh, I'm working on my tan" to "I won't be in the sun today." But sunscreen is vital to protecting your skin from cancer and premature aging. There's no excuse to skip it.

The fix: if you keep forgetting sunscreen, use makeup products that have sunscreen in them already so you don't have to think about applying a separate SPF product. 

  1. Pickers can't be choosers

If you can't help but pick at your skin, know that you'll almost definitely be left with scarring. No whitehead is worth that. 

The fix: allow your skin to heal on its own or help it along with cortizone cream. If it's a more serious breakout, it's time to bring in the big guns by visiting a dermatologist. 

  1. Focusing on your face

If you're still in your 20s or 30s, it's easy to make your skincare routine focus just on your face. Except that, as you age, people will look at your hands and neck to see how old you really are. 

The fix: focus on treating your neck, décollatege, and hands to keep dark spots at bay.

  1. Going haywire with the exfoliation

Exfoliation is great, but if you can actually feel exfoliation bits in your cream, it's too rough to use on your face. 

The fix: opt for creams and masks that contain gentle exfoliation and, if going for physical exfoliation, use something that's gentle on your face.