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Banish the Winter Blahs

Banish the Winter Blahs

Sunshine is right around the corner, but much of the US is still in the throes of winter. And that can mean dry, parched skin and a hefty dose of seasonal depression. 

Here are our favorite ways to combat the winter blahs.

1. Switch it off (or on)

Your body is craving sunlight, but just because the sun is holding out doesn't mean you can't approximate sunlight using a few special bulbs. During the day, keep a mood light on your work desk. At home, swap out your lightbulbs for full-spectrum lightbulbs.

2. Light it up

There's a reason why Scandinavian countries are so fond of using candles during the winter: they're cozy. In Norway, you'll see lighted candles in windows, spreading cheer to visitors. Copy their method by lighting up your own space with the warm, cheery glow of candles.

We love Voluspa candles, but scent is very personal, so take a little shopping trip and buy yourself something you love.

3. Do a full-body hydration session

Most of us get dehydrated in the winter, and that leads to depression and brittle skin and hair. Set aside a night to rehydrate. Put on hand and foot masks to take care of your dry, cracked skin. Then, put on a luxurious face mask to care for your winter skin. 

While those are sitting, apply lotion to the rest of your body, giving yourself a little bit of love as you care for parched skin.


Winter is tough, but even these three small steps can do wonders for your mental health until the sun comes out again.