Everything About Korean Lip Patches

Everything About Korean Lip Patches

You put a lot of stuff on your lips, all in the name of getting them to look young, vibrant, and luscious. So why do you need Korean lip patches?
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You balm. You chapstick. You gloss. You lipstick. You put a lot of stuff on your lips, all in the name of getting them to look young, vibrant, and luscious. So why do you need Korean lip patches?

In a word: to undo all the damage you cause to your lips with all your other products.

Here's the thing—lipsticks and glosses and all the other fun products you use to switch up your look ultimately cause your lips to dry out, lose their color, and look older. Add that to the regular things your lips are exposed to on a daily basis—such as pollution, sun, and hot foods—and your lips are constantly taking a beating.

Hydrating glosses are fine, but they really only temporarily affect the topmost layer of your lips. And that's not good enough; that's like just using lotion for your entire skincare regiment (and you know better than that!). 

Korean lip patches take the same approach to caring for your lips as face masks do for caring for the rest of your face. After all, lips are skin, and skin needs to be deeply cared for.

These lip patches are soaked in a potent serum. You simply set the patch on your lips, gently press to seal, and allow the patch to rest on your lips for about 15 minutes. That allows the potent serum to penetrate past the top layers of your skin into the deeper layers of your lips, targeting fine lines and deeply hydrating lips for a healthier, plumper look.

Our Strawberry Lip Masks contain powerful ingredients that simply aren't found in other lip products: collagen to plump lips, strawberry juice to prevent the breakdown of collagen, aloe vera to hydrate skin and promote healing, and kiwi and apple to aid in cell regeneration. Soon Skincare's Korean-inspired lip patches are gentle and healing, and they're meant to strengthen and restore your precious lips.

So keep glossin' away, but if you want your lips to look great forever, start using lip patches. They make a visible, meaningful difference.