Fact Check Friday: Do Eye Patches Really Make a Difference?

Fact Check Friday: Do Eye Patches Really Make a Difference?

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If you haven't become an eye patch convert, we're here to help convince you they're a vital part of your skincare regimen. And that's not because we're eye patch believers (even though we are), but it's because eye patches are effective and essential. Here's why:

1. They push serum past the top layer of skin

Eye creams are nice, but they sit on the topmost layer of skin, which means they don't do much for long-term prevention or correction. That's a problem because the eye area is the first area of the face to reveal signs of aging, so it needs intensive renewing and hydrating. That can only come from serums that can penetrate past the skin barrier. 

2. They seal completely

You may think using a serum around the eye area is enough. And it's a good start, but hydrogel eye patches prevent serum from evaporating, so the serum is allowed to be absorbed by skin instead of vanishing into thin air. A better strategy is to use your favorite serum and follow it up with eye patches; you'll be getting a cocktail of your normal serum benefits with eye patch serum benefits, all while aided by hydrogel to press both serums deeper into your skin. Hydrogel seals against skin to prevent slipping for more effective treatment.

3. They can fight dark circles

Eye patches do indeed make a visible difference, especially when it comes to dark circles and puffiness. Ingredients such as niacinamide reduce dark circles while caffeine depuffs.

4. They work quickly

Restless night? You may notice your eye area looks particularly impacted by a lack of sleep. Eye patches quickly restore hydration to your eye area to minimize fine lines, prevent deeper wrinkles, and infuse skin with the nutrients it needs to look healthy and strong.

5. They're multi-purpose

Eye patches don't just work under the eyes. They can also be used on the eyelid area, on smile lines, on forehead lines, or anywhere else you need targeted treatment. That makes them a powerful aid in targeting any area on your face. 

Choose the right eye patch for you based on your needs. Or mix and match for treatment as needed.




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