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Featured Product of the Week: Mabeob Bag

Featured Product of the Week: Mabeob Bag

Featured item of the week is our Mabeob Bag. Summer fun can turn to summer chaos. You’re going from one activity to another, in and out of the house, traveling, mobile, on the move. Which is great, you’re making the most of the daylight, weather, and Summer Fridays. Eventually, something ends up being left behind or lost. How to keep it all together when you are all over the place? 

Soon’s Mabeob Bag is the answer. Mabeob means magic in Korean and our toiletry bag is magic at keeping all your necessities together and portable. Headed for a weekend getaway? This bag is easily packable size for toiletries needed on any trip. Going from work to the beach? Store your sunscreens in this for your desk/car. Even better, the Mabeob Bag is useful year round.

Mabeob Bag organizes your favorite skincare products in one place. Store your masks, eye patches, and lip patches neat and tidy. All your essentials in one place is like having your own magic Mary Poppins bag where you can reach in pull out a mask transform your skin to glowing and lovely.

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